100% zdanych Egzaminów Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE
Companies and institutions

For companies and institutions, we offer professional preparatory courses meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. The teaching programmes are developed by the Teaching Director and reflect the needs of our customers and their linguistic proficiency level. Classes can be held on the OLC premises or at the Customer’s.
The frequency and quantity of classes is negotiated with the customer. We offer 90 minutes a week as a minimum class time with a native English or Polish English teacher.

The classes are conducted based on textbooks and additional materials or the relevant teaching programme using aids prepared by teachers.
We offer morning, midday and afternoon classes for companies and institutions. The offer includes one day business courses covering a range of topics such as:

  • How to give presentations
  • How to hold meetings
  • Asking for and giving opinions in meetings
  • Business travel
  • Negotiation skills

We begin in kindergarten

I wonder what "kot" is in English?

Primary school

I just love those foreign Cartoons but I have no idea what they are talking about.

Secondary school students

I wish I could understand my English lessons at school better.


I wish I had learnt this language ten years ago. Better late than never.

Companies and institutions

Oh My God! I think I’ve just lost a one million pound contract!!! What did that last email from England mean?