100% zdanych Egzaminów Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE
Junior and senior secondary school students

We offer classes of ninety minutes two times a week for students from 13 to 18 years of age. They are conducted in groups of  4 to 6 students, 7 to 9 students, 10 to 12 students or 13 to 15 students by a native English teacher on one day and a Polish teacher on another day. This age group can have classes at nine different levels.


All courses for 13-15 and 16 -18 year - old students will include components of "Gimnazjum" or "Matura" Exams.

Many students participate in preparatory classes for the University of Cambridge examinations, the most popular language examinations in the world.

Depending on the student’s level of proficiency in English, we offer preparatory courses for the following exams:

First Certificate in English – FCE (intermediate level)               Certificate in Advanced English – CAE (advanced level)         Certificate of Proficiency in English – CPE (native-like use of Eglish)

Every year, the Professional English-Language Oxford School prepares between 60 and 80 students for the University of Cambridge examinations. Nearly 100 % of students pass.

OLC also has on offer some preparatory courses for secondary school finals. Depending on the students’ requirements, the courses are conducted at a basic or extended level.

We begin in kindergarten

I wonder what "kot" is in English?

Primary school

I just love those foreign Cartoons but I have no idea what they are talking about.

Secondary school students

I wish I could understand my English lessons at school better.


I wish I had learnt this language ten years ago. Better late than never.

Companies and institutions

Oh My God! I think I’ve just lost a one million pound contract!!! What did that last email from England mean?